A Perceptual Sensory Phenomenon

Relationship-Counseling-NYC-1An experience some people have, similar to synesthesia, “except the tingles are associated with a feeling of relaxation.”

Shhhhh! Come closer. A little bit closer. There you go. That’s better. There’s a growing food trend we want to tell you about, but it’s being done in hushed whispers by video bloggers known as ASMRists.

Look away, folks with misophonia. These aren’t your mama’s cooking videos intended to teach you a new recipe. Instead, these are meant for viewers who experience ASMR, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. They’re videos created to trigger pleasing tingling sensations in the brains of some viewers by focusing on specific sounds like crinkling, chopping, sautéing and stirring. Intense eating sounds like slurping, swallowing, chewing or crunching do the trick for others.

And they’re taking off — drawing millions of fans (and now corporate attention) to ASMR-tagged content on places like YouTube and SnapChat.

The trend is making stars out of vloggers like Taylor, a 20-year-old Florida resident with a soft giggle who goes by the moniker ASMR Darling. (She asked us to withhold her last name because of safety concerns.) To read more from CLARE LESCHIN-HOAR, click here.

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