How to Deal with Social Awkwardness


Many of us have experienced awkward moments, where we don’t understand a particular social situation and put our foot in our mouths. While these social faux pas are certainly unpleasant, they don’t necessarily impact our social relationships too much.

But for some people, awkwardness can be a way of life, punctuated by regular experiences of painful misunderstandings that lead to social exclusion. This not only hurts them, but can be hard for their colleagues and loved ones.

For those who suffer from awkwardness—or know someone who does—look no further than psychologist Ty Tashiro’s recently published book, Awkward: The Science of Why We’re Socially Awkward and Why That’s Awesome. In his book, Tashiro explains some of the neuroscience behind how awkward people see the world and why they tend to miss important social cues. His book not only provides guidance for how to manage awkwardness, but also points to the particular strengths of awkward people. to read more from JILL SUTTIE, click here.

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