Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Mindwork is committed to establishing and maintaining an atmosphere of openness, trust, and safety where all attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors can be freely explored and discussed. I fully embrace providing a multiracially and multiculturally sensitive service that affirms the dignity, worth, and value of all individuals. In doing so, I strive to create a welcoming environment that is conducive to your emotional, intellectual, and social development.

Because every mind is different, Mindwork offers three types of therapy so you can find the one that suits you best.

Wouldn’t it be great to speak honestly about your life, a situation, your feelings, without fear of judgment? Individual therapy Tribeca gives you the opportunity to explore one-on-one in a safe, confidential environment. It’s a chance to take a look your feelings, beliefs, and behaviors in order to understand yourself better. And you’ll learn how to make positive changes in your life right away.

If you’re feeling emotionally hurt by someone close to you or have caused someone you love to feel emotional pain, it’s hard to know how to move forward and repair the damage. Couples therapy NYC isn’t about proving who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s about taking the time to better understand yourself and your partner. With effective couples therapy, you will learn how to deepen the connection in your relationship, or how to let each other go.

How would it be for you to share the things you’re going through with a group of people who are working to make positive changes in their own lives? Group therapy Tribeca provides a place to feel listened to and supported. It’s an opportunity to understand the behaviors that influence the way people feel about you. Guided by me and supported by the group, you’ll be able to experience yourself giving and receiving feedback. And learn how to improve your relationships with people you work with, your friends, family, or partner.